Donating tools

We always welcome donations of old and new hand tools

If you would like to drop them off at the workshop, please phone 01908 670825 to arrange a time and to get directions.

We refurbish and send to developing countries a wide range of hand tools used by many different trades. The most common kit we send is a carpenter’s kit, so we can always use saws, hammers, chisels, planes, etc.

At the moment we are particularly short of:

Carpenters vices * jack planes * draw knives * combination planes * jointer planes * mortise chisels and gouge’s * hand routers * sliding bevel’s * parallel pliers * saw sets * sash clamp ends * heavy duty foot pumps * oil stones * screw bottle jacks (with handles) * tyre pressure gauges * any blacksmith’s tools and anvils.

We also send sewing kits so Singer hand sewing machines that use a round bobbin are preferred, specifically models 15K, 66K, 99K, 185K & 201K.

Unfortunately we can’t really use:

Lawnmowers * tools with woodworm * broken items that would require welding to repair * modern hard point saws that cannot be sharpened

We do not send garden tools but we do refurbish and sell some at local events throughout the year to raise funds.

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